I am a graphic and UX designer. I design graphics for print and internet. I also provide user experience design services, helping with the development of digital products.

How do I work?
I observe the world, talk to the client, research the needs of potential users, confront ideas, create concepts, consult them with the client and make a brilliant project.

Graphic Design

  • Logotypes and visual identifications
  • Catalogs, multimedia presentations
  • Posters, leaflets, ads
  • Banners, graphics for social media
  • Icons, infographics, illustrations
  • Graphic design of websites and apps

UX Design

  • Consultations regarding the usability of an existing website or application
  • Redesign of existing website or application taking into account their usability
  • Consultations on ideas for new digital products
  • Lo-fi (low level of detail) and hi-fi (high level of detail) mockups of applications or websites